Barbaryball House and the barns are situated on a slope running from the main access road down to the river Thrushell. Parts of the land are steep and, particularly after rain, the fields can be boggy in places where natural springs appear. The Thrushell can run very fast and deep in the winter months and after heavy rains so a very close eye needs to be kept on young children and dogs.

Guests are welcome to walk in any of our fields which cover about 12 acres.

There is a small pond/field drain between Apple House and Orchard Barn which rises and falls with the rainfall. It is very muddy under the water and best therefore to keep dogs away from it. There is a similar pond near the car park and again, best to keep dogs and children away from it.

Access to the barns is via a dedicated driveway down to the main car park. Guests are welcome to drive beyond the car park to the barns to unload luggage but cars should be put back into the car park when not in use. The approach paths to the barns are gently sloping and/or have one or two steps due to the incline of the land. The barns are on two floors with either normal or spiral staircases to the upper floors.

 Apple House

Has a small vestibule with a WC at the main entrance which leads into the hall/kitchen area. The lounge is two steps down and in a seperate barn annexed via a 2 metre glassed in walkway.There is a door from the lounge out to the patio area which is all on one level and has a boundary wall. Beyond this is some cattle fencing with a stile which can be used to access the orchard.

A curved staircase with a rope handrail leads upstairs to the bedrooms and bathroom. The bedrooms contain a king-sized double in one and two singles in the other. The bath has an integral shower screen/shower.

Cow Barn

Has a vestibule and WC inside the front door and a door from this leads into the living/kitchen area. There is a woodburner at the bottom of the stairs parts of which can be extremely hot to the touch when lit. A door from the living room leads out to the patio area which is all on one level and fully enclosed.

An L-shaped staircase leads to the two bedrooms and upstairs bathroom. There is a king-sized double bed in one and two single beds in the other. Headroom by the beds is limited by the sloping barn ceilings and care needs to be taken when moving about the bedrooms.

Orchard Barn

The main entrance door leads straight into the kitchen area at one end of the ground floor and the living area at the other. There is a woodburner in the living area parts of which can be extremely hot to the touch when lit. Dividing the living room and kitchen is a spiral staircase leading to the open plan bedroom/bathroom upstairs. From the first floor is a door leading to a staircase on the outside of the barn which is best used for bringing luggage upstairs. A door leads from the living area onto the patio which is all on one level. A gate leads off the patio to a grassy area in front of the orchard gate.

Tractor Barn

This barn has two entrances – one on the ground floor that leads to the hall area downstairs and the other at the back of the barn which is accessed via six steps and leads into the kitchen/dining area. Movement between the floors once inside the barn is via a spiral staircase. There are French windows leading off the living room to a self-contained patio area on the same level.

Tractor Barn has a split-level garden connected via five broad stone steps.

Meadow Barn

Meadow Barn is accessed via a door off the main driveway which goes into the kitchen. From the kitchen to the dining room are two stepd down and from the dining to the living room another two steps down i.e. the barn’s ground floor is on three different levels. This is because Meadow was originally built on a slope. The upstairs bathroom and bedroom are connected via a spiral staircase and the patio is accessed via French windows. The large patio is also split level via two steps.

There is an external set of slate steps leading down the outside of the building from the first floor which are there for emergency exit purposes only.