Rules For the Use of Hot Tubs


shower before using the hot tub to remove any oils, creams, perfume etc. as these can clog motors and cause excessive foaming. If we have to empty and refill the tub as a result of the tub becoming dirty, we will charge you £50 to do this.

– use the yellow footbath provided (fill from the hot tub) to rinse feet before getting in. This helps minimise the risk of grit and mud being carried into the tub.

– close the lid and lock the clips shut whenever the tub is not in use. They lose temperature rapidly if left open for too long. Please make sure the skirts are pulled down around the edge and not stuck under the lid. Make sure the jets and lights are off after use.

– make sure all users know where the mains power switch is in case you need to power off.

– take care entering and leaving the hot tub. Muscles may be relaxed enough to make you unsteady.


– get into a hot tub wearing fake tan, make up, body cream etc. It will cause significant damage to the tub.

– touch/operate any other buttons than JETS and LIGHTS and on no account try to alter the temperature (up or down) which has been set at 38.5 degrees. We check temperature settings daily and any change up/down will be subject to an additional £50 charge.

– use glassware in or near the tub. Plastic glasses are provided.

– eat food or smoke in the tub.

– immerse your head under water. This will release residual shampoo/conditioner and cause excessive foaming.

– put any weight on the lids as they are easily broken.

– use the hot tub continuously for more than a maximum of two hours. Running the pumps and leaving the lid open for longer will result in temperature loss and a deterioration of the water quality. We recommend an hour twice a day.

– use the hot tub in strong winds as this may damage the lids


NO children under the age of seven may use the tub.

DO NOT leave children unattended in or near the tub.

DO NOT use the tub if you are unwell, have high blood pressure, are pregnant, sensitive to chlorine or have any open wounds. If you have any doubts, ask your doctor before booking.

And finally:

1. You use the hot tub at your own risk.
2. We cannot be held responsible for your safety whilst you are using the hot tub.
3. You will be held responsible for any damage.

In the event that we have to empty a tub to do a complete water change necessitated by any misuse, we will levy a charge of £75.