All of our barns are fitted with smoke alarms on both floors. A fire extinguisher and blanket with instructions for use are located in the entrance area of each barn and a detailed set of instructions/contact numbers etc are contained in the information packs.
All windows and doors have locks on them.
By their nature some of the ceilings slope steeply on the upper floors and care needs to be taken when moving about – its worth taking the time to get familiar with the property on arrival.
The older unconverted barn is used for storing wood and machinery. Guests are welcome to collect extra wood when required but should be careful of the uneven barn floor and use gloves provided to handle the wood to minimise the risk of splinters.
The land can be very wet at certain times of the year so care needs to be taken when walking near natural springs and on boggy ground.
There is sheep on the land in Oct/Nov and these are moved around the fields so that there is always plenty of room for you to walk with dogs. All gates should be closed after passing through them at this time.
There are woodburning stoves in all of our barns. By their nature their cast iron casings become very hot to the touch and care needs to be taken if young children and dogs are staying.
Wood is cut to different lengths and guests are asked to choose pieces that will fit easily inside their respective woodburner such that the door of the burner can be easily closed.
Four of the barns have their own hot tubs and safety instructions must be read before use. These can be seen under the Information/Use of hot tubs tabs on this website and a hard copy is available in the barn in the information file.