COVID 19 – Devon Country Barns Protocols

We are delighted to be able to welcome guests back to Devon Country Barns when it is safe to do so.

However, the Government is only allowing accommodation businesses to re-open subject to certain conditions being met. We have been issued with protocols that outline new cleaning and safety requirements. These are to ensure your safety, and that of our staff, and our family. It will, however, mean that things are slightly different from usual, and we will be asking for your cooperation with a few things. You can see them here

Cleaning will take extra time – we now have to “double clean” – first our usual high level cleaning, and then going over everything again with a virucidal sanitiser.

We also have to rewash crockery (even clean stuff) between guests. This means that we need extra time for each changeover, so arrival and departure times will now be from 4pm arrival no earlier and a prompt 10am departure.  We understand it is inconvenient, but it is really important that you allow us this extra time to ensure your safety. Please help us by observing these times.

Septic Tank – Please DO NOT use bleach or anti-bacterial products in the sink, as they will upset the septic tank.

In addition to our usual welcome pack, guests will also find hand sanitiser available in each barn.

Please can we ask that you strip your beds before leaving – not glamorous and leave all windows and patio doors open to allow the barn to air on your departure.

Please empty all bins (including bathroom bins) and put into the outside bins.

Please fill the dishwasher with a full load of crockery and cutlery and set it running before leaving (do not empty it). We are now required to re-wash everything between guests, so it would help hugely if you could put all plates, cutlery, cups etc in the dishwasher before leaving, not just your breakfast things.

Some things may be missing – to reduce the risk of touch contamination, we have been advised to remove as much as possible from the cottages. This means that decorative cushions and throws, ornaments, paper information leaflets, toys, games, etc have been kept to a minimum. We have also reduced the quantity of some kitchen equipment, as the requirement to rewash every item between guests (even if it is clean) would not be possible in the time with the usual quantities.

If you develop symptoms – we sincerely hope that you will have a happy and healthy holiday. However, should a member of your party develop symptoms, the Government advice is to return to your primary residence, and self-isolate there for a period of 7 days (14 days for the other group members). Please do let us know if you do develop symptoms, as the cleaning protocols for the cottages are different.

We hope that you will have a fabulous holiday. The “new normal” may be slightly different than what we are all used to, but it is great to be able to get away again, and if we all take responsibility for minimising risk, then hopefully we won’t get locked down again!

If you have any questions, please call us – landline 01566 780457, Sylvia’s mobile 07928 896446.

Thank you!